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A collection normally includes 8-10 pieces of art that relate to a specific thought or theme. The "highways scapes collection" for example includes over 40 pieces. Every piece is not represented on this site, but a sampling is shown. If you want to see additional pieces along with titles, sizes, mediums and formats, just ask. Purchases can be made through this site or at Saatchi Art.




Hugh's spontaneous and free-form improvisational style incorporates the flowing lines seen in modern highways to create an atmosphere of strength and curiosity.


The work does not intend to reproduce locations as a visual journalist or witness, but rather these structures convey feelings of exploration, movement, compulsion, and even inner conflict.


These roads become a metaphor for modern life’s hum, with all its achievements and struggles. The mark-making, layers, colors, and spirit denote the weight, life pulse, drama, and nature of man’s striving.

If you want to see more of the collection, please contact me.



Highwayscapes: Trays

One offshoot of the highwayscapes collection is the tray collection  Three examples in the series are shown here.. Found objects set on vintage cafeteria trays make an interesting setting for pieces entitled "no entry" or "yield" or "traffic jam".

Traffic Jam_PXL_20230729_143726982.jpg


The Cigar Box Series

The cigar box series includes traditional oil painting of highway scenes on cigar box tops, and shadowboxes using antique found objects titled "tollbooth" or "first ride". All relate to highways or pathways. Combine the box tops together as groups, display upright or hang with other paintings or objects.

original_6fcd2703-005f-4ef8-b50d-c63745060cb1_PXL_20230215_013136542 (1).jpg


Circular Sightings

In recent months the collection has evolved to include more abstract interpretations of “circular sightings”. These works emphasize the circular motion found in the highway scape collection. Investigations include historical found objects, simpler compositions, and more focus on life’s unquestioned spinning.

These less expensive gestural paintings are oil and pencil on paper, they have a just drawn quality that are great investment for starting collectors.

original_62e07b89-a242-41c2-ac96-e74c06241f6e_PXL_20220917_181131732 (1).jpg


Circular Sightings: 
The Cigar Box Series

The cigar boxes in this series combine found objects, antique papers and oil painting to create circular sightings that explore  concepts like wheels in motion, routing, spinning and urban landscapes

PXL_20230222_003631898 (2) copy.jpg


Circular Sightings:
Tabletop Sculptures

An exploration of "wheels in motion" tabletop sculptures made with wooden foundry molds from the 1800s and other found objects. like industrial age pulleys, gears and working class mining equipment. 

PXL_20230411_223652189 (1).jpg
Circular Emotions.jpg
Counting Lifes Expenses.png


Circular Sightings: 
The Accounting

2D  assemblages include business receipts, ledgers and correspondence from the mid-to late 1800s,
bone and metal buttons, and vintage handkerchiefs that are painted on, over or around to symbolize modern day circular thinking and confused emotions.

3d shadowboxes and reliefs include business letters and receipts, toys, adding machine keys, leather goods. war metals, and ancient tokens inside cash register drawers.

These pieces address the need for an accounting of social norms and attitudes. Changes in society  include sense of duty, service, gender etiquette, equality and common courtesy 

Social norms refer to values, beliefs, attitudes, and/or behaviors shared by people. They are often based on what people believe to be normal, typical, or appropriate. Social norms can function as unspoken rules for how we are expected to behave.

original_409320c1-1485-41c8-821d-b5132c38b9d6_PXL_20231021_211655203 (1).jpg
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