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The Studio

My studio is located in Dallas, Texas at the Goldmark Cultural Center. 
It's a space where established, emerging artists and visionaries do what they do best. Make art.


The Space

My studio is 134 square feet in size. 
Some would call it cozy.
I call it my home away from home.
It's where I spend my free time,
creating and enjoying the luxury of
expressing myself


The Time

On any given day I'm researching,
sketching, planning, painting or building. I normally have 6-8  pieces working at the same time, all at multiple stages of completion. Drawings take the least amount of time and are the most expressive. Mixed media and oil paintings take longer


The Ideas

The studio is a place to explore ideas.
For the highwayscape collection, those ideas take many forms. From finding steampunk cogs, wooden foundry molds, and scrap metal, to scribbling with pencil or layering oils, collaging and painting with a constant theme of strong composition, movement and compulsion.


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